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What Can South Farmingdale, NY Residents Learn About Fashion Trends From Local Jewelry Buyers?

If you love to collect jewelry, there are a couple of things that you know. The first is that the old adage, “what goes around comes around,” is true when it comes to jewelry trends. Styles of the past always find a way back into the modern fashion landscape.

Simply put, that hand-me-down gold jewelry piece from your grandma that’s gathering dust in your jewelry box could actually be stylish again.

The other thing you know about jewelry is that it can always be repurposed. There are so many ways you can give old jewelry a new life, from repairing it to selling it to gold buyers in South Farmingdale, NY.

Speaking of jewelry buyers, let’s talk about what we can learn from them about current jewelry trends. We’re going to break down all of the classic vintage styles that are hot right now in 2021, so you can decide if your older gold jewelry pieces are worth holding onto or selling. Let’s get started.

Pearl Jewelry

When you think about pearl jewelry, the first image that probably comes to your mind is of a classic beauty from the Golden Age of Hollywood like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Pearls have been around for millennia, but the jewelry always harkens back to a time when full skirts and kitten heels were all the rage.

Pearl jewelry has never gone completely out of style, and it was actually first made fashionable in 17th century England, but there is certainly a resurgence in its popularity this year. If you have authentic pearl jewelry that was passed down to you, it’s time to bring it out of the jewelry box and incorporate it into your everyday looks.

A string of pearls is always a great necklace choice; however, pearl pendant necklaces are also making an appearance this year. Dangle pearl earrings are also trendy, along with pearls attached to gold hoop earrings. The bottom line is that with pearls, you can stick to the classic look or branch outside the box. Either way, they are timeless.

If you’d rather take advantage of the market and make some money for your pearls, you can try selling them to jewelry buyers in Nassau.

Dainty Pendant Necklaces

Not long along, jewelry stylists would have told you that the bigger the jewelry, the better. Statement necklaces, dangling feather earrings, and chunky bracelets were the height of fashion. In 2021, the trends are swinging in the opposite direction, and daintier and more delicate pieces are taking center stage, specifically small pendant necklaces.

If you have a jewelry box full of heirloom jewelry, this is great news for you. You likely already have a few dainty pendant necklaces that have stood the test of time. The most popular styles in 2021 are:

When it comes to pendant necklaces, simple can equal beautiful. In fact, the more delicate the necklace, the more elegant and classic it looks. Plus, necklaces like these go with any style and outfit.

If you have dainty real gold necklaces that you don’t wear, there are gold buyers in South Farmingdale, NY, such a Roma Jewelry, that would offer a fair price to take it off your hands. If the necklace includes diamonds or gemstones, it’s worth even more.

Locket Necklaces

One specific pendant necklace we’d like to highlight is the locket necklace. Lockets were first made popular in the 16th century; however, it wasn’t until the 20th century that they were used to store special keepsake photos.

The idea of keeping your loved ones close to your heart by wearing a locket is still popular today, so it’s no surprise that lockets have made a comeback on the fashion scene. Since they have sentimental value, they are one of the most commonly passed down pieces of jewelry.

You can purchase a new locket from your local jewelry store, but if you have a vintage locket on hand already, it will have more meaning.

Small Gold Hoop Earrings

Jewelry buyers across the country will tell you that hoop earrings are back. All types of hoops are fashionable in 2021; however, small gold hoop earrings that hug the ear lobe have taken the spotlight.

Like the other trends we’ve highlighted in this guide, these small gold earrings call back to classic and elegant styles. However, they also offer something for the modern woman. They are comfortable, easy to transition between outfits, easy to sleep in, and they don’t get tangled up in your hair.

They perfectly illustrate the 21st-century woman’s jewelry demands: to be functional and fashionable at the same time. You may already have a pair of vintage gold hoop earrings in your jewelry collection, but if not, your local jewelry store in Nassau is sure to offer them.

Should You Sell or Keep Your Old Jewelry?

Gold buyers, as well as other types of jewelry buyers, are always watching current jewelry trends to see what styles from the past are popular again. If your collection is full of vintage pieces that are back in the spotlight, it’s a good time to sell them for a great price.

Local jewelry stores like Roma Jewelry in Nassau will always give you an appraisal so you can find out how much your jewelry is worth. Once you know its value, you can decide whether it’s worth keeping or selling.

While we would never recommend selling sentimental pieces that you will regret parting with, selling unused jewelry that you don’t have an attachment to is a great way to make some extra money.

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