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When to Find Gold Buyers in Nassau Shores, NY

Whether or not you’ve ever tried to sell your jewelry before, it’s certainly something you’ve heard about before. With jewelry so plentiful in most homes, it can be tempting to pick up a piece of gold and take it to the nearest gold buyers in Nassau County. Although selling your gold to a jewelry store in Nassau Shores, NY may not bring you millions, it can declutter your unwanted jewelry while also giving you a little extra pocket money.

However, selling your gold jewelry to gold buyers isn’t as simple as dumping a bag full of gold-colored rings on the counter at a jewelry store; there are many more steps to take between finding the jewelry and bringing it to a gold buyer in Nassau Shores, NY. After locating the jewelry you want to sell, you should do some research so you have a realistic expectation on how much you will make from selling your jewelry, and know what kind of gold you can and cannot sell.

Where to Find Jewelry to Sell

When you decide to sell your old gold jewelry for extra cash, you may be unsure where you should start. The first obvious starting point would be your jewelry box. Maybe you have a large collection of gold jewelry or you were given some by someone else. Also, there are other places where you may find gold lying around your house, such as gold coins. Gold coins may be as valuable to sell as the gold necklace that you could never match with any of your outfits.

Another way to find gold jewelry to sell to gold buyers in Nassau County would be to buy it cheap somewhere else. For example, estate sales, antique stores, or thrift stores can be great places to find underpriced gold jewelry; however, unless you are skilled at separating real gold from fake gold, you may find yourself spending more money on jewelry that you’re unable to sell. 

Most gold buyers in Nassau Shores, NY will purchase any type of gold (pure gold, white gold, rose gold) except for gold-plated items. Although they may sound similar, gold-plated items are not made with actual gold. While a ring of solid gold is made purely with the precious metal through and through, a gold-plated ring has a thin covering of gold while the metal underneath is different. For that reason, gold-plated jewelry is worthless and a gold buyer in Nassau County will turn down any gold-plated jewelry. If you’re purchasing gold jewelry to later sell, ensure that it is real gold.

Know What to Expect and Don’t Leave Disappointed

There are always stories about people selling gold and walking out of the jewelry store with pockets full of cash. While those stories may be enticing to hear, they are either lucky cases or entirely fabricated. While gold is expensive to buy, gold buyers do not buy the jewelry at the same price it was sold for.

Before grabbing your jewelry and heading over to gold buyers in Nassau Shores, NY, you should do your research on the gold you own so you know what to expect when you are given your offer. Some important aspects include the current gold market, whether or not your item is solid gold, the weight and purity of your item, and how much you try to sell. All of these will play a factor in how much money you receive at the end of the transaction.

The gold market is always changing and while selling gold may be a lucrative business one year, gold can be worth next to nothing a few years later. Before selling your gold, be sure to check on how much gold is selling for in Nassau County to ensure you will be getting the best deal for your jewelry.

Whether or not your jewelry is solid gold will also play a factor in how much a jewelry store in Nassau Shores, NY is willing to pay for it. If your item is gold-plated, you will walk out with the jewelry still in your hand, but the karat, density, and purity of your jewelry will also play a factor, even if it is pure gold. If you can, determine the quality of your gold jewelry before finding a gold buyer in Nassau County.

Finally, if you show up to a gold buyer with one ring, you will be walking out the door with less of a profit than someone who entered with pockets full of solid gold jewelry. How much you will earn from gold buyers will vary based on how many gold items you try to sell. 

If you have located the items that you want to sell and you have a realistic expectation on how much a gold buyer in Nassau Shores, NY will be willing to pay for them, then you’re ready to find a jewelry store willing to purchase gold in Nassau County. At Roma Jewelry, we have fifteen years of buying and selling gold and guarantee the best prices in New York. To learn more about our gold buying business, you can call us at 516-795-8843 or browse our website.

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